Buddha in light bulbs

Buddha in light bulbs

Lit bulbs are moving upward, burnt bulbs downward. In the convergence of their movement, Buddha appears.

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Scarcity / Abundance

Scarcity / Abundance

We take light and warmth for granted, but for most of human history these were not easily available, even to royalty. Now we’re slaves to consumption, and it’s inevitable. We must be mindful and use resources carefully, or keep innovating to expand our horizons.

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Mesh gears making a deal

Mesh gears making a deal (SOLD)

Handshake is an ancient symbol of an absence of threat, and a gesture of peace and good intention. Here, mesh gears are making a deal, interlocking in a bionic handshake, kickstarting a new alliance.

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(not minted yet, coming soon, will be gifted to all of owners of 1/1 pieces of Mindful Collages)

Ballerina made of butterflies, dances, as if blindfolded, in her own imagination, surrounded by the world filled with flutter, light, lightness. Emerging from the scorching earth under her feet, moved up by the swirling streams of her movement. Her graceful dance propels her to freedom, towards the vast cosmos, which falls gracefully into her fragile hands.

Previous Drop on OpenSea

This is my first ever NFT drop featuring 5 artworks of sophisticated collages representing a few curious slices of history and modern society. All are editions 1/1.

Andy Warhol portrait

Andy Warhol in Cans

Andy’s controversial work depicting realistic images of Campbell canned soup originally did not result in monetary success. The art pundits of the time did not believe an artist would reduce art to representation of commercial product akin to grocery shelves. There were only a few people who agreed to pay $100 per canvas, of the 32 total canvases on display.

Now Warhol is renowned as the father of pop-art. Between 1985 and 2010, average auction prices for Warhol's work rose 3,400%, roughly double the average increase in prices for contemporary art over the same period.

Collector will receive the physical instance (30x30 cm plasticized high quality print)

Ada Lovelace portrait

Ada Lovelace, the first programmer

Multidimensional collage that has three levels of imaging. Ada Lovelace portrait is the overall picture. Details are made of 'female' or 'mother' connectors. Looking deeper we see only ones and zeros in fundamental colours of the computer world (red, green, blue, white and black).

400 megapixel image is stored in a 69 MB PNG file with 0% compression loss. 100% image quality. Resolution hack.

Maurits Escher portrait

Maurits Escher in Stairs (SOLD)

Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who is known for making incredible artworks that feature mathematical and visual tricks, and show impossible objects and spaces looking believable.

Maurits Escher collage portrait is drawn in stairs because he used stairs to join different parts of his images and visually break the rules of space and gravity. Trying to find the correct understanding of Escher's spaces may be a run in infinity loop, always leading higher and higher.

Collector will receive the physical instance (30x30 cm plasticized high quality print)

Cargo Cult collage

Cargo Cult (SOLD)

There is an island to the north-east of Australia where the cult of aircraft worshipers is widespread. Adherents of this cult believe that manufactured goods are gifts of gods sent to natives, but taken away by evil white people. Natives build long lanes and depict the behavior of airbase soldiers in ritual dances, praying that a military plane will arrive and drop cargo with goods to the American base, and the military will, once again, share with the natives. This is an example of ‘magical thinking’ so prevalent among the modern inhabitants of the civilized world.

Bitcoin Liberty collage

Bitcoin Liberty (SOLD)

The Statue of Liberty, depicted in Bitcoin collage, is an artistic manifesto on the role of crypto in the development of society and individuals, and how mysterious the origin and the future of bitcoin really is.

WALL-E meets Tetris
WALL-E met Tetris
Terminator in Help, Escape and Delete buttons
Alien Punk with a Pipe
Alien Punk with a Pipe SOLD OUT
Alien Punk with a Pipe
Pixel Cryptodog
Masks and Gloves
Gadget Hackwrench in Nuts
Lenin Grib

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Andrey Borisov aka suborg

Andrey Borisov

Andrey Borisov (also known as suborg) is a Russian multidisciplinary artist and developer based in Moscow. He fell in love with digital art in early childhood and never looked back. Having started with demoscene, he later developed personal philosophy and style, and began to create sophisticated digital collages.

These collages consist of a limited number of simple elements that blend together to create and represent the meaning of the big image. This produces a miracle effect in the human mind, and interacts with conscious and subconscious perceptions at the same time. The role of individual personality in history and the meaning of objects are the leitmotifs of suborg's collages.

© Andrey V. Borissov 2021

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